Savings Account

This is an interest-bearing deposit account which cannot be drawn with a cheque. However savings withdrawal booklet will be issued.

Any individual who is 18 years and above Associations / Societies / Clubs

1.Minimum opening and operating amount of GHS10

2.Competitive applicable interest rate on all savings account balances irrespective of amount

3.Interest payable calculated daily and applied monthly

4.Withdrawal from the Savings Account can be made up to thrice a month

5.More than three withdrawals from the Savings Account in any given month leads to zero interest payment for that month and FLAT FEES OF GH5 PER MONTH

6.Can be opened as an individual account or as joint account for two individuals

1.Allowing flexibility to build up your deposits at depositor’s own pace

2.Offers the Customer access to liquidity whilst earning income on idle funds

3.Attractive interest rates applicable on account balances GH¢500.00 and above.